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Creamy Lotion

This delightful, velvety cream will give you glowing and radiant soft skin!
Created as an all-natural alternative to commercial lotions, our creamy but lightweight cream pampers your skin with all day moisture and protection....a little goes a long way.

Our creamy lotion is boasting with natural organic healing properties and is handcrafted from USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

As with all our products, Our Creamy Lotion is powered by the medicinal benefits of Organic Essential Oils. The Essential Oils we use are highly concentrated plant constituents NOT synthetic “fragrance oils” “perfume” or “natural fragrance”
You can expect a natural scent and feeling to your all Organic Creamy Lotion...The better option for your body.

Apply onto your entire body as needed throughout the day, and enjoy!

We recommend placing this luscious treat in a cool dry area away from heat.

Since our products are hand-crafted in small batches, slight variations in color and consistency may occur.
Shake well. Natural ingredients tend to settle.

Organic Fair-Trade Raw Shea Butter
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Organic Arrowroot Powder
Natural Beeswax
Vitamin E Oil
Distilled Water
Organic *________ Essential Oil
*Choose your Essential Oil Scent
**Visit our blog for a deeper look at the medicinal properties in each ingredient.

Our Scents:
*Lavender- aroma is sweet and floral. Used for calming, stress reduction and soothing skin irritations.
*Geranium- aroma is a heavy, sweet floral rose scent. Used for many diverse skin problems, broken capillaries, bruises, burns, and to diminish cellulite.
*Bergamot-aroma is fresh and spicy with a citrus touch. Used for uplifting moods, dull complexions, varicose veins, and wounds.
*Grapefruit- aroma is fresh with a Tangy citrus scent. Gives a joyful feeling, used as a decongestant, relieves fatigue, depression, and studies have shown that it may help with cancer.
*Juniper Berry- aroma is fruity with a slight fresh green smell. Used to help anxiety, detoxifies and cleanses the skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, (any kind of skin inflammation).
*Chamomile-aroma is Fresh, sweet, fruity, apple-like. Used as an anti-inflammatory, soothes skin irritations, and used to reverse the signs of photo damage.




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