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C-Lite Cellulite Treatment

Our unique blend of organic essential oils has been shown to increase stimulation, and improve circulation and blood flow.
The essential oils used in our C-Lite bar are known to detoxify and decongest sluggish tissues.
Caffeine helps to encourage the metabolism of fats and the drainage of accumulated water from the fatty tissues in the skin. As a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue.

Our ingredients have shown to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, thus improving the appearance of cellulite.By massaging our bar into your target areas, your skin is expected to feel tighter, plumper, and firmer.

Accompanying your C-Lite cellulite treatment, you will also receive a lifestyle diet to work in conjunction with your bar.

With the right life style diet, regular exercise activity and a “little help from your friends” (that’s us!); our all natural organic cellulite treatment is your answer!
You’ll be showing off your skinny thighs in no time!
Here’s to SMOOTH sailing!

We recommend placing this luscious treat in a cool dry area away from high heat.

*Visit our Download page to download your informational sheet and diet protocol.

Organic Fair-Trade Raw Shea Butter
Organic Coffee Grounds (liquid concentrated oil)
Organic Coconut Oil
Natural Beeswax
Vitamin E Oil
Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Organic Cypress Essential Oil
Organic Geranium Essential Oil

**Visit our blog for a deeper look at the medicinal properties in each ingredient.




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