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{ In the Beginning... }

About US

Last year I started looking for alternative lotions and skin care products for Joshua my son; and us as a family. Since his birth, there has been a steady and surely purging of toxic ingredients from the house; starting with our food.

I had read about the garbage (toxic hormone disrupting chemicals) in mainstream products and started to be a 'concerned mother'. I want the best for my son. Who doesn’t? That means: NO toxins, NO chemicals, and NO harmful his food or with skin care products that go on him. Have you read what this harmful stuff does?

In all of this, we started to look everywhere for the organic option, the raw option, the non-chemical, non-toxic option, the I can read the ingredients option…but we couldn’t find what we were looking for; not even at health food stores! There always seemed to be some ingredient that would compromise the purity of the product.
To have the purest option, we found that we had to create it.

We created Pureganix to meet our own desire to find the purest and healthiest nourishment for our son’s skin and ours too!

Feel confident in our products knowing you aren't absorbing unnecessary synthetic materials into your skin!

All of our products are composed of God’s divine creation… purely organic ingredients; hence our name Pureganix. We believe in the power of healing using natural substances, God’s spoken word and prayer and therefore, we pray that all of our products will be a blessing to you and yours.
God Bless!

-Your Pureganix Family

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